Flywheel Members Daniel Alvarez and Jason Levinson Unveil AI Big Picture, Redefining Strategic Solutions

Since the start, Flywheel has made it a mission to not just provide a space for people to work, but a space for them to grow. We have always been centered around our commitment to the entrepreneurial community and the spirit of innovation in Winston Salem. It always feels incredible when we get to see the product of that energy through the success of our members. But it is extra special when we see them succeeding together. Flywheel members Daniel Alvarez and Jason Levinson have been working together for almost three months in a partnership that was born out of this space. After being placed...

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Flywheel Faves – Gifts for Remote Workers

Do you have a remote worker on your gift list? Whether an entrepreneur, work-from-home employee of a larger company, or startup founder, people who work remotely have a unique set of needs. At Flywheel Coworking, we are always intrigued by the handy gadgets, organizers, and accoutrement people who have the freedom to work from anywhere bring to the space to help them work smarter. Here are 5 Flywheel Faves with shopping links included. For the Founder Traction The Entrepreneurial Operating System for Businesses (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 190,000+...

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Growing Your Business in an Era of Disconnection

It’s not always easy to admit the ways in which we are struggling. It has been nearly three years since the COVID-19 pandemic grinded businesses to a halt and set us all along a path of immense change. We all want to move on, reluctant to concede that some things have remained difficult to overcome. The reality, however, is that businesses all over the world are still dealing with the fallout of post-pandemic disconnection—something Flywheel is dedicated to helping people overcome. Understanding Post-Pandemic Disconnection First, let’s talk about what post-pandemic disconnection is. It comes...

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2022 Annual Chili Bowl Results

On December 8, 2022, we held our annual Chili Bowl for Flywheel Members and they brought the heat. Literally! It was a great day to be a Flywheeler and to be hungry! We gathered in the Social Commons for fellowship and food…but we, of course, needed to know whose chili was the best of the best. To spice things up this year, the competition was split into two categories, Basic- think standard classic chili and Bougie- unique and creative creations, to keep things interesting and fun for all. Congratulations to our 2022 winners! Our Basic winners: Michael Seaback, “The Sky is...

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Coworking Is Helping Parents Achieve Work-Family Balance

Prior to the pandemic, many working parents longed to work from home to save time, to avoid time-wasting commutes, and to spend more time with their families. As companies were forced to pivot and include remote working, some have kept that routine as they were able to reduce office space as a way to cut back on overhead. However, what has also come to light over the past several years is that, for many, efficiency dropped because of distractions at home. An 8-hour work day could easily turn into a full day of work and family tasks, but not feeling like either one received quality attention....

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Hybrid, Remote, and Coworking Are Here to Stay

The recent global pandemic that shuttered office doors for months on end and permanently for many companies is slowly loosening its grip on our lives – both personally and professionally.  The old ways of requiring employees to commute to a set physical location to complete work that can largely be completed easier and better remotely are no longer viable. The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for cementing a shift in the workplace that has been coming for a long time. That shift is the hybrid workplace model. The hybrid workplace model is not new, though it has grown exponentially...

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