Nick Newman

You’re So Fly with Nick Newman

At Flywheel, we believe in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our members who go above and beyond to make a positive impact in their communities. This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Nick Newman, a dedicated pastor at Propel Church in Mt. Pleasant, NC and Founder of Selah Fly Fishing.

Nick’s passion for serving his community is truly inspiring. As a pastor at Propel Church, he is deeply committed to nurturing spiritual growth and creating a welcoming space for all. Most notably as of late, the church has experienced remarkable growth, and they are now on the brink of a significant milestone – building their own campus. This new chapter will provide them with a permanent home, marking a monumental step forward in their journey.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Nick has found a unique way to combine his love for fly fishing with his desire to support fellow pastors. Through Selah Fly Fishing, a non-profit organization he founded, Nick offers pastors a much-needed opportunity for rest and rejuvenation. Recognizing the immense pressure and responsibilities that come with ministry, Nick provides guided fly-fishing experiences, allowing pastors to escape the demands of their everyday lives and find solace in nature.

Selah Fly Fishing isn’t just about catching fish; it’s about providing a space for pastors to recharge their spirits, connect with one another, and rediscover the joy of simply being present in the moment. Nick’s dedication to supporting the pastoral community is a testament to his compassionate heart and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

As Flywheel’s Member of the Month, Nick Newman exemplifies the spirit of generosity, service, and innovation that we strive to cultivate within our community. We are incredibly grateful for his leadership, his passion for serving others, and the positive impact he continues to make in the lives of those around him, including here at Flywheel.

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