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The Heart Behind “The Go-To Winston-Salem

Flywheel Members Christy Bellis and Jacob Gauthier Discuss the Importance of Community

In the heart of Winston-Salem, a homegrown publication has been making waves by shining a spotlight on the community and its local businesses. “The Go-To Winston Salem,” founded by Christy Bellis during the turbulent times of COVID-19, has grown into a beloved newsletter that truly embodies the spirit of our vibrant city.

A Mission Born in Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it brought unprecedented challenges to communities worldwide. For Winston-Salem, the pandemic threatened the survival of many local businesses. Amid these uncertainties, Christy saw an opportunity to make a difference. Having recently moved to Winston-Salem at the time, her local explorations quickly sparked a love for the city. What began as a digital diary of her life here and a means to keep track of all the places she wanted to visit post-pandemic, quickly grew into a resource for others like her who wanted a way to stay connected to their community.

“While I was working at Flywheel, I saw people in the space doing what they love and I quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug,” Bellis shared of her time spent as Community Manager. Flywheel has no shortage of passionate people who love this city so she was able to quickly begin making connections.

A Shared Passion for Winston-Salem

From the outset, the publication’s mission has revolved around elevating the community. “The Go-To Winston-Salem” highlights local people, businesses, and events, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience. Their features on local eateries, shops, and service providers have not only driven business to these establishments but have also fostered a sense of pride among residents.

In August of 2023, Jacob Gauthier joined The Go-To as a staff writer. Originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he has a unique perspective as someone who is fairly new to the city. When asked about what has inspired him to choose Winston-Salem as his home, he shared, “Working for The Go-To exposed me to so much of what this place has to offer. I’ve just fallen in love with it. Truly investing in a place is such an attractive thought, and it turns out Winston-Salem is the perfect city to do that.” Christy and Jacob’s love for Winston-Salem is palpable in every issue of their newsletter. Their dedication to Winston-Salem goes beyond just reporting. They are active participants in community events and local organizations. This involvement gives them a firsthand perspective on the needs and aspirations of their readership, allowing “The Go-To Winston-Salem” to remain relevant and deeply connected to the community it serves. They are passionate about their city and the tight-knit community that calls it home.

Looking to the Future

As “The Go-To Winston-Salem” continues to grow, Christy and Jacob remain steadfast in their commitment to their city. When asked ‘What’s next for The Go-To?’ Bellis responded “In the entrepreneurial world, there is always the push to scale and do more. In hyper-local media, growth would mean expanding to other cities. My heart is in Winston-Salem, so instead of expanding, why not just be the best I can be here?” Their unwavering commitment ensures that “The Go-To Winston-Salem” will continue to be a cherished part of the community fabric, helping to shape a brighter future for all.

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