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You’re So Fly: Lance Jenkins

At Flywheel, it’s not uncommon to strike up a conversation and find yourself chatting with someone who wears more than one hat- Lance Jenkins is one of them. Lance uses the space as a real estate agent and broker but is also a writer, media magnate, and hockey fanatic. He has been able to channel these passions into a colorful career having worked as a nightly news anchor, radio host, local radio play-by-play football announcer, podcast host, and published author.

A North Carolina native, Lance settled in Winston-Salem five years ago and has no plans on leaving anytime soon. In fact, he intends to plant himself right in the heart of it through his investments in digital media. “I launched a digital news publication in the Sandhills region of NC called the Richmond Observer in 2017. It is still in existence today and has won hundreds of NC Press awards…Growing the Richmond Observer from the ground up was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done, but it’s how we built it from nothing to the most-read news in the region that was most rewarding. It’s a unique model that I’ve seen work before and I know it will work here too. You’ll start to see and hear more about it in the coming weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Lance joined Flywheel last spring and dove straight in. When asked about his favorite aspect of being a part of our community, he said, “Seeing people of all different walks of life with different positions, responsibilities, and stories is my favorite part about being a member at Flywheel. Honestly, I’m trying to dive in more now so that I can truly engage with the Flywheel community more than ever. I sit in the unreserved desk section, so if you walk by and I’m waving at you with a little too much energy, it’s because I’m just excited to be here with you. Just tell me to tone it down…it was probably the six cups of coffee I’ve just had.”

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