The “Right Room” at Flywheel – Kristen Daukas

Early Adopter

A Triad native, Kristen Daukas has always been an early adopter of digital marketing tools and methods. She was one of the first individuals on Facebook, sent e-mail blasts out before they were even a thing, and learned Instagram before her children did. Daukas is a go-getter by nature – always learning, growing, and searching for new opportunities.

So, it is no surprise that she became an expert in marketing, an influencer before we even knew what an “influencer” was, and eventually her own boss. Daukas first started off in the food and beverage industry then moved over to sales where she quickly learned she had a love for marketing. She was the Sales and Marketing Manager for Continuity Insights Magazine, until she decided to start her own marketing company in 2008 – Twin City Sales and Marketing.


Daukas got to focus on what she loved – working with small businesses to establish their marketing strategy. She started a national website called “Ten to Twenty Parenting” targeted to parents of teens and tweens where she wrote blog posts, produced her own podcasts, and managed all the advertising for this nationally followed website. She realized many parents did not know the social media platforms their children were on, so she began “Social Savvy Workshops” to educate parents on what their kids are really doing online.

In 2020, She changed her company name to “Say Anything Media” because it fully encompasses everything she offers related to marketing – strategy, writing, television, podcasts, influencer, branding, and more. She worked from home and networked to find clients, spoke at conferences and workshops, and then COVID-19 happened and almost all networking possibilities came to a halt. That is when she found Flywheel.



More Than Just a Key

Flywheel offers her “more than just a key” she says. It offers her visibility that she has lost due to the pandemic. It provides her with countless networking opportunities by just talking with other members. She even collaborates with other members on projects that arise from conversations while heating up their lunch. Professional development is easily accessible for her, with courses, classes, and events right where she works. She does not have to seek out professional development – at Flywheel it is right at her fingertips.

At Flywheel, she is surrounded by like-minded people where ideas can bounce off of one another while overlooking Winston-Salem from the 8th floor. She believes that if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room. Flywheel provides her with the right room where she can learn from others. Daukas loves how “Flywheel truly wants to invest in their members.” It is more than just an office. She also says that the internet speed is incredible and coffee all the time isn’t that bad to have around either. Daukas looks forward to 2021 and how Flywheel can continue to help her reach her professional goals and continue to put her in the “right room.”

She is currently working on expanding her company – Say Anything Media – and recently launched a conference she and a colleague started – Content Creators Conference. This virtual conference took place earlier in January 2021 and was for people who are interested in becoming an influencer/content creator. The primary focus of the conference series is to give people the knowledge and tools to get off on a good foot in order to set themselves up for success when it comes to being content creators. “We’re talking about how to identify your niche, zeroing in on your story, and becoming an influencer and content creator. You will hear from some of the top experts in influencer marketing and content creation.”

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