Startup Grind Winston-Salem hosts Jon Obermeyer (Apogii)

Jon Obermeyer is the Chief Content Officer at the San Francisco-based consultancy Apogii, whose clients include SanDisk, Samsung and HDMI. A former Triad resident, Jon was CEO of the Piedmont Triad Entrepreneurial Network (PTEN) and director of National Outreach for Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM). During his tenure in the Triad, he advised over 1,000 start-ups, ran a regional venture forum, helped WFIRM create the regenerative medicine’s first industry alliance, and launched three NC-based conferences focused on regenerative medicine, nanotechnology and supply chains.

Jon started his path as a commercial banker for SunTrust bank, where he honed his skills as a conduit between people and companies. In this position, Jon quickly learned what different startups were doing in order to better serve their needs.

Currently stationed in San Francisco, Jon is working with Apogii and enjoying the culture and connections it has to offer. Working in San Francisco, “you’re only about one contact away from someone at Square, Twitter or Apple.”

After being exposed to startups for so long, Jon offers a wealth of advice to aspiring startups. His number one piece of advice is to start forming an advisory board made up of experienced people, since it doesn’t cost anything and it can make a massive difference.

“A lot of them are pretty bored… the startup has the creative juice that they haven’t had the last 5 years of their job”
Jon also believes that LinkedIn is a good way to meet people to help a startup. “Talk to other entrepreneurs, you might just find the person you’re looking for.” He also advocates for networking with other nearby cities, like Raleigh-Durham: “they don’t know you’re here, you kind of have to wake them up.”