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Pitch-Space Live is now a hybrid event, both in-person and virtual, and a great way for founders to engage with investors. Virtual attendees will be sent a zoom link following registration.

The event is open to the public and held every other month featuring presentations by an early-stage, seed-stage, and growth-stage company.

Following each pitch, a panel of investors will provide feedback to the founders, and the event will then open up to an audience Q&A roundtable.

If you are not a subscriber to the Pitch-Space.com platform but want to learn more click here to apply and we will reach out to you.


4:30 – 5:30
Pitches and Investor Feedback

5:30 – 6:00
Audience Q&A Roundtable

Companies presenting and Investor panel at this event to be announced.

Previous 2023 Pitch-Space Event Features

Gloria Folaron

Co-Founder of Leantime

Leantime is the open source project management system for the “never-wanted-to-be-a-project-manager” project manager. We believe that success should be equitable and that everyone should have access to the tools that make what they do efficient and scalable. Leantime exists in order to equalize project management and its benefits by creating an intuitive platform that anyone and everyone can use.

Mona Azarbayjani

Co-Founder of ForesightCares

ForesightCares makes AI software technology to help seniors age gracefully. It provides daily exercises, assesses seniors’ mobility, and tracks their progress to mitigate, if not eliminate, their fall risk and help them maintain their functional independence with easy access and reach.

Steve Batts

Founder of ConvoRally

ConvoRally is a new way of doing business that makes sure you’re heard, get paid while providing checks and balances for everyone during business relationships. ConvoRally is a place where everyone collaborates together and we save the details indefinitely as they happen, making it easier for you and protecting everyone involved. 

Dominique Mothon

Co-Founder and CEO of Clever Education Solutions

Cordelia, by Clever Education Solutions, offers an all-in-one school management platform specifically for small- and medium-sized Montessori and independent schools. If these schools use technology, they have to navigate multiple, single-process tools that are not Montessori specific, requiring repetitive data entry. While schools need to focus on education and community, Cordelia takes on administrative headaches.

Jake Tyndall

Founder of TRY

TRY is a content creator referral platform for local businesses, starting with restaurants. We are a team of foodies who want dining experiences to be frustration free. The shared experience of food creates community, conveys our values, and expands our horizons. Eliminating the hassle of picking a restaurant is the first step towards higher quality experiences.

Dave Miller

Founder and CEO of Digital Health Navigation Solutions

DHN improves healthcare systems’ quality ratings and bottom line with mPATH™, an automated program that finds patients who need a preventive service and connects them with needed care.

Previous 2022 Pitch-Space Event Features

Harpreet Cheema

Founder of HealthBook ME

HealthBook ME is a platform that connects the First Responders of Mental Health and Wellness with users, who can find, connect, interact, transact and communicate with each other in a timely manner. It combines urgent care for Mental Health with long-term user engagement to ensure better patient outcomes.

Joel Puthoff

Founder of Socialeyes

Utilizing indoor positioning and Bluetooth technologies, we enable singles to connect with other singles in real time. If someone catches your eye, use the power of the augmented reality character, to wink and send icebreakers, to make new connections at a public facility near you.

Malobi Achike

Founder and CEO of DEI Directive

DEI Directive offers B2B Saas business application that helps Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Professionals proactively assess and diagnose organizational DEI health, so they can accurately formulate the right set of strategies and actions that will lead to sustainable and impactful change.

Dezbee McDaniel

Co-Founder and CEO of CliniSpan Health

The CliniSpan Health platform enables participants to easily find and enroll in medical studies that are right for them. With your CliniSpan Health account, you can browse studies and get an appointment with a healthcare provider with one easy click. We also send notifications when new trials that you qualify for come out so that you never miss an opportunity.

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