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New Ventures Tech Accelerator Success #1 – Growterra

New Ventures Tech Accelerator – Open for Application Year Round

New Ventures is a services-based accelerator and incubation program. We offer early-stage founders up to $50,000 in free software development, legal, marketing, business development, and accounting services.

In addition, companies accepted into the program get free workspace at locations until they achieve investable market traction, and they are assigned a Venture Mentoring Services team of 3-5 mentors.

The Flywheel Foundation provides business modeling and financial consultation. Legal services are provided by Flywheel member Jeff Wolfe with Schell Bray. Software development services are contributed by Induro, Dualboot in the Charlotte Region, and Sight Source in the Triad Region.

If you are interested in or are working on a scalable/investable startup idea and need help getting from idea to business model and market traction, you can apply here:

Cultivating Tomorrow: Growterra’s Farm Management Platform

In the heart of the Controlled Environment Agricultural (CEA) revolution lies Growterra, a pioneering Agtech company on a mission to transform the way we farm. From connecting diverse hardware systems to empowering farmers with real-time insights, Growterra is sowing the seeds of innovation in the fields of agriculture.

At the core of Growterra’s mission is a commitment to bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and cutting-edge technology. The company’s flagship platform seamlessly integrates a myriad of agricultural hardware systems, offering farmers unprecedented visibility, control, and optimization tools. The platform provides a centralized hub for farmers, enabling them to monitor and manage everything from soil conditions to irrigation systems with a few clicks. It’s a revolution in farm management that empowers growers to make data-driven decisions for increased efficiency and sustainability.

The Growterra Team

The Growterra leadership team possesses over 8 years of enterprise software sales experience and has successfully spearheaded digital transformation initiatives in industries traditionally resistant to change. Their commitment to a customer-centric approach has fostered key partnerships crucial to realizing the company’s vision.

Informed by extensive customer discovery, the platform’s development is strategically aligned to address real-world challenges faced by farmers. Recent additions to the Growterra team include an experienced startup Product Manager who translates the product’s vision and mission into actionable features for farm operators. Complementing this, the team recently onboarded a Senior Software Engineer who leads full-stack development, ensuring that the Growterra Platform offers farmers an intuitive yet powerful user interface for effective farm management.

Market Adoption

In the realm of Agtech, traction is not just about growth; it’s about meaningful partnerships that amplify impact. Growterra is proud to announce an exclusive software partnership with Agrowtek, a market leader in indoor agriculture hardware systems. This exclusive contract marks a significant milestone for Growterra. Their platform will seamlessly integrate with Agrowtek’s existing 1000+ customer systems deployed in indoor agriculture farms around the globe. The Growterra platform will enable Agrowtek’s farmers to optimize their operations, enhance control, and leverage real-time farming insights.

Growterra has also secured a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Farmbox Foods, an innovative container farming organization with systems deployed around the world. This LOI signifies Farmbox Foods’ intent to integrate the Growterra platform into its container farming solutions. This strategic collaboration paves the way for sustainable and efficient agriculture in a contained environment. These channel partnerships will enable Growterra to scale rapidly in an ever-expanding marketplace.

On the Ground: POC Live and MVP Development

Growterra has successfully deployed a prototype of the Growtera Platform with a high-tech container farming operation. This live experiment validates the practical application of the platform, showcasing its capabilities in a real-world setting.

Growterra is actively developing its Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This foundational version of the platform will soon hit the market, leveraging existing customer channels developed through strategic partnerships. This MVP will serve as a foundational data management tool that will be expanded upon in future releases.

Investment: Fueling Growth with Preseed Funding

As Growterra charts a path to a sustainable and tech-driven agricultural future, they have announced the opening of a Preseed fundraising campaign. The company aims to raise $450,000 to secure a 10-month runway. This capital will allow the company to make additional key hires in the product development group, accelerate the development of the MVP, and ultimately launch a full-scale sales campaign to bring this product to the already developed channel markets.

The fundraising campaign is an invitation to investors who believe in the transformative power of Agtech. It’s an opportunity to be part of a company that’s not just innovating but fundamentally changing the way we approach agriculture and how we plan to feed the planet for generations to come.

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