Investing In Your Own Backyard

What is

Pitch-Space is a platform that supports engagement between startups and investors with an online private library for startup founders to post their pitch videos for investors to view, and with live events run on Flywheels event platform using Remo.

Pitch Space saves investors time and the hassle of commuting to pitch events. Companies are added weekly with studio recordings. If you would like to subscribe and attend the next live event, you can sign up at the website.

“What’s important about Pitch-Space”, says founder Peter Marsh, “is that it comes as close as possible to replicating the pitch events and demo days that the pandemic wiped out. And like many virtual pivots, it makes it much easier to develop a statewide consortium of participating partners.”

Pitch-Space has representatives in different geographical locations to refer founders and investors from all over to get involved.

NC Grind

NC Grind represents in the triangle market – Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill. They are a big supporter of Flywheel and its activities. Their primary focus is syndicating crowdfunding across the state, offering a whole new source of capital for startups. They are a perfect partner to expand Pitch-Spaces reach and identification of emerging startups.

NC Grind provides education and access for North Carolinians to invest in their state’s developing businesses freed from the constraints of conventional private equity funds. It serves as a centralized location for investment opportunities, entrepreneurial resources, and a community that strives to build up North Carolina and create upward mobility for generations to come.

NC Grind believes that all people should have the opportunity to invest in companies – even companies in their own backyard. Through NC Grind’s online platforms, any individual has the opportunity to invest in businesses within the state. Their mission is to create 100k investors connected to North Carolina.

They are changing the structure of investment education. They host education events, provide access to investor groups, and compile various offerings across platforms. They even have a podcast coming soon! Their main goal heading into 2021 is to continue to educate people on equity and the investment side of crowdfunding. From there, “we want to provide access to these opportunities, so NC Grind aggregates investment offerings from companies in or connected to North Carolina from the various platforms,” said community manager Anya Johnson.

“Many people just don’t know that they can invest in the companies coming out of their backyard” she said. “Whether the next brewery, coffee shop, or medical technology company, there are many opportunities that we want to bring into the light.”


Pitch Breakfast

Pitch Breakfast is an institution in the Charlotte, NC market and is representing Pitch-Space there. Founded by Juan Garzon, it is an extremely professional production with a large following of startups and investors in the market.

Every month, in multiple markets including the innovation center Flywheel designed for the Lake Norman Region now operated by Davidson College, they hold a Virtual PitchBreakfast where 3 companies get 5 minutes to pitch their business ideas (with slides) to a panel of investors from across the state.  The panelists then have 10 minutes to provide feedback. Following the pitchers, attendees will connect with other founders, leaders, and innovators in virtual networking after the event. The next PitchBreakfast is Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 9:00am – 10:30am if you want to check it out!

We are currently looking for market representatives in Wilmington and Asheville to round out the territories in the network – let us know if you or someone you know is interested.