How to Finance A Startup – June 6, 13, 20 & 27

Flywheel – How to Finance A Startup

Flywheel Coworking is pleased to offer “How to Finance a Startup” featuring Troy Knauss, a professor in the Wake Forest entrepreneurship program and one of the most successful investors in the region. This course will provide an overview of what every founder needs to know about financing options, setting financial milestones and attracting investor capital. Learn how to get your startup investor-ready and what investors expect at seed and later stages of development. This course is a continuation of the popular “How to Start a Startup” series.

You can register for each session separately, or take the whole series at a discounted rate. Session content is listed below, and enrollees will be given additional resource materials, articles and video links in advance of and following each segment:

Session 1 – Monday, June 6th

Startup Financing Overview

This session will give an overview of each of the primary stages of startup financing, the options and capital sources associated with each:

  • Pre-revenue financing options to allow you to get your idea to a developed business model
  • Seed stage financing – partners, angel investors and other options
  • Series A and B defined
  • Venture capital for rapid growth
  • The investor viewpoint – 10x on capital and a viable exit plan

Session 2 – Monday, June 13th

Early Stage Financing in Depth:

  • Bootstrapping
  • Non-priced vs. priced investment rounds
  • Loans, convertible notes (SAFEs), and equity agreements
  • Valuation caps
  • When to seek angel capital
  • How to seek angel capital
  • Interacting with investors – preparation and expectations
  • Managing your cap table – equity splits with co-founders and investors
  • Managing investor requests (Board seats, advisers, information rights, pro rata share rights)

Session 3 – Monday, June 20th

Series A, Series B and Beyond

  • Banks, investment firms and venture capital explained
  • Working the venture capital market
  • Market size and growth rates – what investors want to see
  • Pitching to investors – do’s and don’t

Session 4 – Monday, June 27th

  • The importance of good mentors, board members and advisers
  • Network strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Holding out for growth and public offering


About the Instructor

Troy Knauss

President, Board of Trustees, Angel Resource Institute
Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Professor

Troy is a partner in a number of Angel funds and networks that invest in high-growth and turnaround companies. Troy has over 20 years of experience in family, growth, and start-up businesses. In addition to his fund activities, Troy is an exited entrepreneur with start-up and growth management experience in food processing, brand building, software development, and eCommerce sales channels. Troy is an active investor in multiple companies.

Troy was named one of the Triad’s Impact Entrepreneurs by Business Leader magazine. He speaks frequently to investors and entrepreneurs on private investing through his efforts with the Angel Resource Institute, a non-profit spinout of the Kauffman Foundation focused on education and research initiatives for early-stage investors. Knauss is also a part-time professor and entrepreneur-in-residence at Wake Forest University, former Board member of the Angel Capital Association, serves on a number of for-profit Boards, and volunteers on a number of non-profit entrepreneurial committees including Vice Chairman of the Greensboro Partnership’s Entrepreneur Connection, a local economic development initiative to attract, engage and help entrepreneurs start businesses. Troy holds degrees from Susquehanna University and Wake Forest University.