Flywheel is where work can be done and, hopefully, magic will happen

According to a recent Gallup survey, about one-third of the U.S. employees operate outside the traditional confines of office towers, cubicles or factories. In other words, one in three American workers don’t have a traditional place to work.

For some, the spare bedroom suffices. For others, with a high tolerance for caffeine and wailing cappuccino makers, it’s the coffee house.

Enter the collaborative work space. Open floor plans with desks to rent by the hour, day or month. Access to conference rooms. Regular programs. Free coffee and wifi. Buzzy havens for freelancers and early-stage entrepreneurs to work and mingle.

There is a greater good behind these collaborative work spaces beyond providing a more professional option for freelancers than coffee shops. Brad Bennett, co-owner of Flywheel, calls it “accelerated serendipity,” that thing leads to innovation and creation, maybe a new concept, maybe a new company, surely a new image for the city.

The idea is to have a roomful of extroverted creative types, like people in software design and product development, strategic planning and marketing. They chat at the bar in the back corner. Ideas emerge. Things happen. Perceptions change. That’s the goal.

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