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Online Courses for You and You and YOU!

The Flywheel Foundation has been helping start-ups for many years through the New Ventures Accelerator program, Startup Grind, and other various programs. As time went on, Flywheel started to realize there was no one place where an early-stage company could go to find highly curated information around how to start, market, finance, and protect an early-stage startup.

We encountered this first hand when New Ventures Accelerator companies struggled to find online resources.  In response to this market need, Flywheel began to offer courses through their own Learning Management Software (LMS) – to help founders access content on a self-directed 24/7 basis with instructor-led coaching.

“They owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tom Clarkson,” says Peter Marsh. “Tom is a serial tech entrepreneur we are blessed to have in our ecosystem. He was one of the first employees at Intel and has launched a number of SaaS services. He volunteered to help us set up and learn how to run the LMS on WordPress, and today it’s one of our most important offerings.”

The LMS is also a service that can be used across all Flywheel locations as we expand our network of innovation centers. Courses are developed with the support of the Flywheel Foundation.

Why this is important!

Many Flywheel Members do not know about all Flywheel has to offer from a services perspective. As a member, you have access to these courses at a discounted rate, get to be right in the action, and have the networking opportunity to connect with all of Flywheel’s resources.

“Most importantly”, adds Marsh, “this is an opportunity for members and others in the ecosystem to create their own courses for us to host on the system. It can be a real revenue driver. We are going to make this part of the Jumpstart Series, and develop these skill-pop events into full-blown courses as a follow-up.”

“This is also an example of how the Flywheel Foundation is constantly looking for new ways to add services that are additional member benefits”, adds Adrian Smith, Executive Director of the Foundation.

So, before you stop reading – this information is for you! Even if you do not have your own startup, I promise you will learn something new that will help you right where you are.

Early Growth Stage Startups

Flywheel offers a variety of courses for the early-stage startups. Finance, marketing, and legal are three important areas that founders face early on in development, so we chose to focus our courses on those topics. The finance course, “Financing a Startup,” is for individuals who are seeking to raise their first round of financing.


This course was recently led by finance expert, Anthony Abney, an example of how Flywheel can tap community subject matter experts for LMS offerings. Abney is the Business Launch Specialist for the Small Business and Technology Development Center at Winston-Salem State University. In his prior roles, Abney was a director of a venture capital program for people of color and a portfolio management consultant for Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the largest venture capital firm in Philadelphia.



“In the finance course led by Anthony Abney”, says Alek Krstevski CEO of Xpand Gaming and a New Ventures 2020 company, “ the discussions we had during class were extremely beneficial. It is a perfect course to learn the basics before you think about fundraising or growing your startup. Now we understand what a beneficial deal looks like for us and investors’ motivations. We can start fundraising with confidence because we understand the term sheet better and how to best present ourselves to investors.”


The “Applied Startup Legal Matters” course offers a deep dive into legal, accounting, regulatory, and risk management topics that are critical to startup success. The “Applied Marketing for Startups” course helps entrepreneurs understand how to solve the toughest problem startups face – how to find customers, retain customers, and build a brand experience that drives loyalty and referrals. We even offer a course called “Finding Your Startup” where you will learn how to have a mindset that observes and recognizes potentially great startup ideas.

Growth Stage Startups

Once startups start getting some investments, the number of resources available tends to decline. The growth stage is such a crucial time where founders are experiencing some real difficulties specific to their company such as how to recruit talent, scale operations, manage money, and prepare for the next round of funding.

Companies in this stage of development do not have the time to find resources and once they find the resources, they tend to be too broad. This is where Flywheel’s “Evolve Bootcamp” can help! This self-paced program is for startups who have received a round of funding and are seeking to scale their business operations.

Founders have the opportunity to be a part of a cohort connect, where they meet with other founders who are in the same growth stage as them and experiencing similar problems. This solves the two problems: time and generalization. The next Evolve Operations Bootcamp takes place in January 2021. Sign up today!

Hosted Content

c-watchFlywheel also hosts third-party courseware that is relevant to members and the community at large. We currently offer C-Watch – a three-week intensive on cyber threat analysis and cyber threat intelligence formulation.  Students will gain foundational knowledge, tradecraft knowledge, and hands-on experience with important leading-edge tools for cyber threat hunting and analysis. The intensive is followed up with a one-week Capstone where students are given the opportunity to engage in a daily intelligence collection and analysis operation. C-watch is instructor-led. The next course is from November 30th to December 18th.



Another example is Nordic AMPlify, a program organized by Greater Winston-Salem Inc. to help Nordic European healthcare startups enter the US Market. All of the major NC Healthcare systems are involved, as well as Winston-Starts and FCA Ventures, an investment fund that is focused on healthcare startups in the Triad Region. This is a private course only available to program participants, but another great example of how our courses marketplace is helping the ecosystem as a whole.

Flywheel Courses are a great resource that we hope you take advantage of. We are here to help you succeed by providing you with the best curriculum out there. Check out all our courses today and let’s start learning.