Doug Brewer, Market Executive, Select Bank & Trust

By Anna Mason Moore, Community Coordinator, Flywheel Coworking

Doug Brewer, Market Executive, Select Bank & Trust, has been a member of Flywheel ever since we moved into our new space November 2019. As a hard worker, he spends most of his time in his private office, but when he enters our shared space he easily spreads smiles across the room. From leaving doughnuts in the kitchen, to checking in on how you are; Doug helps make our community feel special.

Who is Select Bank & Trust?

We were so excited to get to know Doug and Select Bank better. Doug is a Market Executive with Select Bank & Trust and covers the Piedmont Triad markets. He is a commercial banker who helps advise businesses with their financial needs and offer solutions to include lines of credit for working capital, equipment loans, commercial real estate loans, and investment property loans.  Also, they can help companies with acquisitions and provide construction loans.  Doug’s expertise varies; he’s worked with manufacturers, commercial and residential real estate developers, contractors, and small businesses. Select Bank & Trust chose Flywheel as their primary location because Flywheel offered a professional and accommodating work space for their team to underwrite loans, meet with customers, and provide amenities you can’t find elsewhere.  It was important for Select Bank & Trust to be surrounded by large and small businesses in their footprint and the professional work space allows Select Bank & Trust to be accessible.

Larger workloads on Covid-19

Doug says, Select Bank & Trust has been “all hands on deck” to get the modifications to loans and processing the paycheck protection plan for their customers.  Doug says he has worked most nights until 9 p.m. and sometimes later. Doug stated, “I would think all banks are in the same position.  Being able to speak and answer questions for our customers has given them a big relief.  They get a call back immediately and we help them through this crisis.  It’s extremely important to be there for them.  The customers have a lot invested in their company, employees and community.  Being there to offer support and guidance helps keep anxiety down during this pandemic.” Doug expressed that a favorite part of his job is the in person meetings which cannot be done anymore due to social-distancing restrictions. Doug said, “I’ve been answering emails late at night or talking on the phone, even while I roll through my door at home, but it’s what we need to do to help our customers and our community.”

Let’s Focus on the WINS!

Doug told us that he has had a few wins during this time and continues to build a strong line of loans to underwrite. Banking is all about relationships and that is what Select Bank & Trust hopes to provide. Most of the time businesses do not uproot their banking relationships unless they are not being treated with great service from their financial institutions. Doug says he encourages all businesses to evaluate that relationship and see if they are truly getting a personalized service with solutions. Doug says he is always working on new projects and eager to let people know the ways he can help them. Always being a helping hand, Doug had some advice for current business owners on applying for these loans: “Given how the SBA rolled this out so quickly, Banks are working hard  to process their customers.  Of course, banks have different processes but the requirements are the same. They can go to and pull down the required documents to prepare.  Being patient and stay in communication with your banker.”

There is HOPE.

We will always hold onto it. So we had to ask Doug what he is hopeful for. He replied, “I hope everyone comes out of this safely and does not lose any loved ones.  We can replace material things so keeping everyone safe important.  Also, I hope everyone gives and supports each other.” Doug said his family is at home and safe. His kids are a little older and may be a little bored but he is making sure they play plenty of board games and call their grandparents often.

You are not alone and it is important now more than ever to reach out to your community for help. I have recently been learning a lot about the word comfort during this time and the origin of the word was never meant to be alone. You don’t really find true comfort by yourself but when you offer comfort to someone else and find the common ground in your community. During this time, reach out, offer comfort and offer community during your adaptations.