Coworking is Good for Your Health!

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in NYC to learn more about our industry, how to better fill the needs of our coworkers, and how to strengthen our community. The session that most caught my eye was Dismantling the Loneliness Epidemic, and it didn’t disappoint. Laura Shook Guzman, CEO of Soma Vida Wellness Coworking, Somatic Psychotherapist, LMFT, presented research and experiences in her own private practice that our need for genuine human connection in the workplace is more critical to our mental health than ever before.

Anecdotal experiences in our own Flywheel community led me to suspect that loneliness is one of the top reasons that entrepreneurs, remote corporate workers, freelancers and consultants seek out public places in which to work after experiencing the isolation of working from home. There is growing research to back up my hunch. The Harvard Business Review published Coworking Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely linking coworking with a reduction in loneliness. Further research indicates social isolation as a major health risk linked to early mortality, depression and anxiety confirming what makes coworking community managers  get out of bed each morning; the knowledge that working alone together is more productive, less stressful and creates connections that improve our heath and well being.

In the age of technology and disruption, coworking is a human revolution aimed at combating disconnection and fostering our human  impulse to seek connection.

Keeping you connected,