Adaptations: Chelsea Goodwin, Owner and Founder, The Agent Accelerator

Adaptation: make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

We are currently all adapting. To our new workdays, to homeschooling, to rationing toilet paper. This isn’t our “normal” but what is normal anyways? If you are reading this with me, it’s fair to say we have survived 100% of our worst days, and together we will make it through this period by adapting. These are your adaptation stories and we want to share them:         

Chelsea Goodwin has been a member of Flywheel since December 2019 and has been working vigorously on her new startup, The Agent Accelerator, which launched THIS WEEK on March 31st. Congratulations, Chelsea! 

Chelsea and her husband, Houston are quite the entrepreneurs owning four different businesses: Superior Martial Arts, 97 Display, Tokyn, and Agent Accelerator all ranging from street front businesses to apps and online learning. Throughout our interview with Chelsea it was interesting to learn how each of these businesses are pivoting during this time.

From Acting to Real Estate

The Agent Accelerator started as a seed idea in Chelsea’s head while working a 9-5 and all other waking hours  as a successful actress. While her acting work was steady, she needed additional income and reluctantly took a sales position with a real estate firm. She was on the #1 team in South Carolina and was surprised to see there was not enough structure,  training, or accountability. 

Chelsea spent time creating new processes for this company and was quickly promoted due to her natural talent as a leader and trainer. After being offered a position at another firm to create the same structure, Chelsea realized her knowledge and processes filled a need she could market herself. 

So with the help of some conversations from her business coaches and mentors, Chelsea quit her 9-5 and started her endeavor of The Agent Accelerator: an online learning platform for individuals new to real estate to obtain advanced knowledge in lead generation, sales conversion, marketing, and how to hold themselves accountable in their own time, on their own terms. 

Her mission is to provide the necessary structure, training, and accountability needed to succeed in real estate by creating a process she wished she had when she started and sharing the knowledge that made her so successful as a sales leader. 

It made sense for this tool to be an online learning platform to solve the most common barriers to real estate sales success. Chelsea is skilled in face to face training, but it is not scalable and doesn’t provide the student flexibility they need to work and learn or care for family simultaneously. There are webinar programs that offer sales and lead generation help but they are time consuming, dull, and lack the personal instruction many need to learn properly. The Agent Accelerator combines the best of all approaches to deliver personalized tools to the agent at their demand. 

Startup Hats

Shifting from the 9-5 world to being her own entrepreneur wasn’t all that difficult Chelsea said. She had some great mentors, business coaches (one of which was her husband, Houston), graduated from Dan Henry’s Get Clients Online University Course and because she had already written new systems during her own career in real estate, she was ready to make The Agent Accelerator happen. Although, like everyone running their own business, it is hard to be the “wearer of all hats.” 

Chelsea found her biggest challenges came from the tech involved in making her in person teaching come to life virtually. Building out a website and classes so that information is as easily learned online as it is face to face is difficult. Additionally, developing brand cohesiveness on social media platforms was new to Chelsea in the beginning and throughout the past few months Chelsea has persevered, asked for help and produced a clear and professional brand appearance.


How Community Resources Kick In

After her participation in the Kinetic Accelerator with Center for Creative Economy, one of the mentors complimented Chelsea that The Agent Accelerator has the brand appearance of a 5 year business in 5 short months of development. Chelsea plans to use Flywheel’s new platform Gig Network to assist her in outsourcing future social media needs as she grows.

Through the development of creating her brand Chelsea had to reposition, pivot, and adapt. With her launch date set in the midst of Covid-19 we wondered if she had hesitations about launching, what she was doing to build sales post-launch and how it was affecting life at home with three other businesses. She said there was a little bit of hesitation but The Agent Accelerator wants to see this through. 

She wants to be behind a brand that holds their ground, continues to offer value to their customers, and is still standing tall when this is over. Although Chelsea has had to change some things during her pre-launch and now launch. She said she is adapting the way that she markets her product to relate to the times people now find themselves in. 

She is offering a lot of free content with a balance that still keeps customers interested in buying her training. She is providing content giveaways, hopping on calls with clients who need extra coaching, and offering free downloads of valuable scripts. She is also running a 50% off sale to the first 100 members who join The Agent Accelerator and has curated smaller bundle packages ranging from $12.99-$49.99 to hopefully reach a price for everyone during these hard times.

A Brave New World of Work-life Balance

Chelsea has been a daily presence at Flywheel since she joined in December and expressed that adjusting to working at home life is different from working at Flywheel life. (We miss this espresso machine, too) It is hard not to be surrounded by people all the time to quickly bounce ideas off of, verbally express your to-do list to, and have someone that will come back in an hour and ask if you have started that to-do list. 

Chelsea is adapting and tackling that to-do list at home with time-blocking techniques. She makes sure to focus on the 20% of the most important tasks that produce 80% of her results or revenue. For The Agent Accelerator that is working on social media and branding, interacting with other real estate agents, interacting with her beta users and now active users, her email campaigns to guarantee if someone doesn’t buy they still get valuable and free content and lastly her vendor partnerships. Have you thought about utilizing time-blocking in your business?

We loved interviewing Chelsea and seeing her face light up while talking about her passion-The Agent Accelerator. Chelsea feels she is made to help others reach their full potential and being around her you know and feel that too. We love having Chelsea in our community and being able to support all of her and her family’s ventures. Thank you for being an adaptation story that is sure to inspire others Chelsea!

If you’re interested in learning more about Chelsea’s business, you can hear her pitch at Flywheel’s IdeaTAP, hosted by Venture Cafe Winston-Salem. Chelsea and two other founders will share their 7 minute pitch followed by 8 minutes of audience Q&A.

Find more information about Idea tap and other Flywheel events on our website events page.